Retire Your Ride – A Canadian Initiative

Canada has run a Scrap Car Removal Programme- “Retire Your Ride” in the early 2000s. “Retire your Ride” or “Scrap Car Removal” is organized to remove older vehicles from the roads, by providing a monetary incentive to the last owner of the vehicle. Each owner will receive an incentive for turning their vehicle before they were completely dead.

In Ontario, you can scrap any type of vehicle. You can scrap damaged, old, broken, junked, cars with missing tires, wheels, etc. you will still receive decent cash for cars. You can at least $350 when you scrap your cars. The motivation to run scrap car removal was to encourage auto owners to be more environmentally friendly, encourage people to purchase low carbon vehicles, emphasizing on providing road safety.

Towing and Scrap Car Removal

When you scrap a car with Towing and Scrap Car Removal, we ensure that every vehicle, regardless of the condition, is permanently and properly recycled and retired. We have experience over 20 years in the recycling metal industry, hence we can provide you with the best cash for scrap cars.

There are many car scrappers in the market. However, not all of them follow the mandatory protocols laid for scrapping vehicles. Professional Auto Recyclers and End-Of Vehicle- Life facilities, like Towing and Scrap Car Removal, always make sure that all vehicles like junk cars are documented and recycled properly. We have our junkyards across GTA.  Our experts will answer all your questions before you bid farewell to your vehicle.

We always reward drivers for their better behaviors towards the environment and society. They also contribute to better decision making for a sustainable environment. We have paid up to $15000 for old junk cars. Moreover, we come and pick up the vehicle for free of cost anywhere in GTA.

Steps to Scrap Your Car:

Step 1: Keep your car details ready

Step 2: Call Us

Step 3: Schedule a time for pick-up

Step 4: Remove your belongings and wait for pick-up

When you decide to Retire your Ride, you help in achieving environmental goals and also get CASH for being environmental-friendly. You can reach out to us at 647-957-8305 or email us. We service across GTA.

two people recycling a car in scrapyard

Recycle Today for Greener Tomorrow

The purpose of recycling the vehicles is the remove all the toxic waste and re-process the metal like aluminum and steel. There are many other fluids and other car waste like mercury switches found within a vehicle. These wastes generally find their way into landfills.

According to National Geographic recently stated in one of the articles, Hazardous or Toxic waste can harm people. Toxic like Mercury and Lead persist in the environment for many years. Humans or wildlife often absorb these toxic substances when they eat fish or other prey.

Recently in Ontario, the case was registered in Environmental Review Tribunal by the Corporation of Town of Ajax on Ajax Auto Recyclers,  Ajax Recycling Depot, and Ajax Auto Wreckers with ana order to pay costs and expenses in relation to the clean-up of the fluid spill in one of the areas of the city.

What happens when you scrap your car with Towing and Scrap Car Removal?

When you sell your scrap car or your used car to us, we carefully isolate all parts and metals form the vehicle. Before we recycle the vehicle, we carefully remove all the toxic fluids from the engine, radiators, etc. We use a concrete pad to drain the fluid before we crush the car.  We do not send cars to the landfills, as this has a negative impact on the environment.

The main purpose of selling old scrap car to car recyclers like ourself is to safely recycle the car. After separating the metal with the mechanics, we crush the car skeleton.

Our mantra is to Recycle, Reduce and Reuse for BETTER and GREENER TOMORROW