Bunch of Cars in Scrapyard

How To Recycle A Car in Ontario?

As per Statistic Canada, in the year 2019, Ontario has the highest new motor vehicle registration. About 770,539 vehicles were registered in 2019. All over Canada, there have been 1,891,821 new motor vehicle registration in the year 2019, compared to 1,623,288 in 2011. Back in the 1970s, people used to trade their vehicles every few years (three to five years). Eventually, the life of the vehicle increased because of the better quality of engines, and mechanics.

As per the report by DesRosiers Automotive Consultants, in the year 2000, upto 33.7% of vehicles in Canada lasted up to 15 years, whereas in the year 2017, 54% of vehicles last for at least 15 years.

            We see these numbers change drastically over the years; it only means that Canadians do tend to keep their old vehicles on the road for longer years. Older vehicles are not very fuel-efficient, has older mechanics and engines, they also tend to eliminate more harmful substance into the environment. Apart from this, these vehicles also contain hazardous materials and other fluids which are harmful on environment and contribute polluting air and environment.

Did you know that your car is the largest and most recyclable product?

When you recycle scrap car or retire your car at end of vehicle facilities, like Towing and Scrap Car Removal, you are making a positive change in the environment. You choose not to spend dollars in repairing the old car, or replacing the old car components, but instead switching to better options. These options can be selling your car for cash, scrapping your car for cash, freeing up your money. You can wisely invest this money into your new big purchase. Not only this gives you instant cash but has a very huge impact on the environment.

Towing and Scrap Car removal is Ontario’s most leading car recyclers. We have over 20 years of experience in car recycling by scrapping unwanted old cars. We have the right type of types of equipment to remove any type of vehicle safely. As soon as we receive the cars at our scrap yard in Scarborough, we make preparations for vehicle dismantling. Our experts remove all the hazardous materials safely and handle them responsibly. As we are aware that car is made with different kinds of metals, we trade this metal at metal mills for cash. Later these metal mills recycle the metal for various other day-to-day life stuff.

Hence, it’s always advisable to recycle your car by scrapping, to get instant cash. Moreover, Towing and Scrap Car removal also provides free towing and scrap car removal services. When you decide to scrap your vehicle, you are contributing positively to the environment.

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