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How to determine the value of the Scrap Car

and get the best offer for your junk car

Do you have a car that has reached its final stage? Are you ready to retire your car for cash? Or there's an unwanted car or not suitable for trade-in offers? The best bet for you is to sell your car to car recyclers or car scrappers and get cash on the spot. Towing and Scrap Car Removal, have compiled a list on how to calculate the value of scrap car and, how much cash will you make when you remove the scrap car!

How to determine the value of the scrap car

Vehicle Year, Model and Make

This is the most basic information that will be used to determine the value of the old car: What are the car model, manufacturer, and year of make? This information will give a basic history of the car, and also the current market price of the car.  Always make sure you give out correct information about the car, to get the best price for the scrap car.

Current price of Scrap Metal at Metal Mills

This is one of the most important factors in evaluating the value of the car. The majority of the car is built of a combination of metals like Aluminum, Steel, etc. So, when scrapping junk car, this metal is later sold to Scrap Metal Market where it is recycled into new products and further distributed. The rate at which car scrap is sold in the Scrap Metal Market fluctuated on a monthly bases, depending on the demand and supply.

Weight of the vehicle

Another factor that goes into determining the value of a scrap car is the weight of the car. How much does it weigh? The more it weighs, the more cash you will get. In order to increase the weight of the vehicle, you can make sure it has tires, specially aluminum wheels, batteries, and other car components. You can also give car waste which otherwise you are going to just garbage. This will increase the weight of the car and eventually fetch you top dollars for old or junk car.

Location of the vehicle

Where is the scrap car located? This has a comparatively low impact on evaluating the value of scrap car. The closer you are located to the scrapyard, the more chance of getting a better price you have got.

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Now that you know the worth of clunker, are you ready to take the next step? Reach out to us and we will give you the best price for your junk car!