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    Toronto's Tool for Scrap Car Value Assessment

    As car owners, we've all been there — looking at an old, rundown vehicle, wondering if it's just a pile of junk or if it still has some value. If you're a resident of Toronto, Ontario, Towing and Scrap Car Removal offers you the perfect solution with the scrap car value calculator. Just use this form and fill in the details about your vehicle to compute its salvage value and receive the assessment in minutes.

    Determine Your Junk Car Value

    Our scrap car value calculator is an online tool designed to estimate the worth of your impaired, or non-functioning vehicle.

    So, how does the scrap car value calculator arrive at an estimate? The weight of the scrap metal plays a part, but it's only one factor. In our case, since we operate solely in Toronto, the location of the vehicle is not a significant variable. Instead, the key components that our calculator assesses include:

    1. Vehicle's Age: An older car typically has more wear and tear, which can decrease its value. However, some vintage models can hold value due to their unique parts.
    2. Make and Model: Certain makes and models have high-demand parts in the used parts market, which can substantially increase the junk car value.
    3. The Extent of Damage: The severity of damage to your vehicle can greatly affect its value. A car with minor damage will generally have a higher salvage value compared to one with significant impairment.

    Importantly, this tool calculates the car's salvage value, not its resale value. The salvage value is an estimation of your vehicle's worth in its current state, considering the total worth of scrap metal and any parts that are still usable.

    How the Scrap Car Value Calculator Works

    Firstly, the scrap car value calculator considers the weight of the scrap metal in your car. Heavy vehicles like trucks or SUVs generally have more scrap metal, leading to a higher junk car value. Secondly, it looks at the vehicle's make and model. Some makes and models have parts that are in high demand in the used parts market, which can also increase the junk car value.

    Secondly, the scrap car value calculator takes the ambiguity out of selling your old vehicle. It provides an objective, data-driven estimate of your car's value, which can be incredibly helpful when negotiating with potential buyers. Furthermore, it saves time and energy by providing quick and accurate results.

    Scrap Car Value Calculator


    Scrap Car Removal, the process of getting rid of your unwanted car is even more effortless. We provide a fast, reliable service for residents of the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario. Not only will we give you a fair value for your vehicle, but we'll also handle all the heavy lifting.


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    Mohammad Arif
    March 19, 2024.
    Excellent Service and Honest people. If u need Towing or scrap car removed service I will recommend everyone to try their service.
    George George
    George George
    March 8, 2024.
    Awesome guys. Called couple months ago to scrap my parents old car, everything was fast and great price, towed same day. Today I called them again to scrap my other car. And again they were able to help me out with best deal time and moneywise and same day free towing. They won't disappoint, recommend!
    Lizaveta Ksenafontava
    Lizaveta Ksenafontava
    March 8, 2024.
    Got my little old car towed there as she stopped working just in the middle of road. Alex not just the first one who picked up out of the 5 other places I called but gave me the best deal as I realized later as they do free towing for scrap cars. Smooth deal, great service
    Vasya Vasin
    Vasya Vasin
    March 7, 2024.
    Excellent experience with Towing and scrap car removal! Prompt, sharp, right on the dot. The best scrap car removal near me! Thank you guys🤝
    Роман Савчук
    Роман Савчук
    March 7, 2024.
    Alex paid for my car cash, whatever was promised. Towing and Scrap Car Removal dispatcher was very kind and polite.
    March 5, 2024.
    The greatest scrap company I've dealt with. Fast, easygoing process, gave me best deal around and came to pick up my van in discussed time. I appreciate this guys for not making any headache for myself and will definitely recommend for everybody!
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    chinedu jude
    March 5, 2024.
    It was pleasure working with towing a scrap car removal, Definitely the best company in terms of service and accuracy.

    Don't Delay, Turn Your Old Car into Value Today!

    Your old, dilapidated vehicle doesn't have to be a burden. It doesn't have to gather dust in your garage, either. Turn it into value today with our scrap car value calculator. Towing and Scrap Car Removal is eager to assist you. Call us at (647) 957-8305 to uncover the hidden value of your junk car.


    1. What does the scrap car value calculator do?

      It estimates the salvage value of your car, considering factors such as make, model, year, mileage, and extent of damage.

    2. What is salvage value?

      Salvage value refers to the estimated value of a vehicle at the end of its useful life, considering the worth of scrap metal and usable parts.

    3. What is the difference between salvage value and resale value?

      Salvage value is the estimated worth of a vehicle considering its current condition and parts, while resale value is the price it can fetch when resold in the used car market.

    4. Will cleaning my car improve its salvage value?

      Cleaning your car does not directly improve its salvage value but can facilitate easier appraisal and improve the vehicle's perceived value.

    5. Does the scrap car value calculator provide the same result every time?

      No, the scrap car value may change depending on fluctuations in the market demand for specific car parts.

    6. Is the scrap car value calculator free to use?

      Yes, at Towing and Scrap Car Removal, our scrap car value calculator is free to use.

    7. Can the scrap car value calculator estimate the value of any vehicle?

      Yes, regardless of make, model, or condition, the calculator can estimate a car's salvage value.

    8. What if my car is severely damaged?

      The degree of damage to your vehicle will affect its salvage value, but it doesn't mean it has no worth. The calculator will estimate the salvage value based on the condition of the car.

    9. Do all scrap car value calculators provide the same estimate?

      Different calculators might offer slightly different estimates based on their specific algorithms and current scrap metal prices in various locations.