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Recycle Today for Greener Tomorrow

The purpose of recycling the vehicles is the remove all the toxic waste and re-process the metal like aluminum and steel. There are many other fluids and other car waste like mercury switches found within a vehicle. These wastes generally find their way into landfills.

According to National Geographic recently stated in one of the articles, Hazardous or Toxic waste can harm people. Toxic like Mercury and Lead persist in the environment for many years. Humans or wildlife often absorb these toxic substances when they eat fish or other prey.

Recently in Ontario, the case was registered in Environmental Review Tribunal by the Corporation of Town of Ajax on Ajax Auto Recyclers,  Ajax Recycling Depot, and Ajax Auto Wreckers with ana order to pay costs and expenses in relation to the clean-up of the fluid spill in one of the areas of the city.

What happens when you scrap your car with Towing and Scrap Car Removal?

When you sell your scrap car or your used car to us, we carefully isolate all parts and metals form the vehicle. Before we recycle the vehicle, we carefully remove all the toxic fluids from the engine, radiators, etc. We use a concrete pad to drain the fluid before we crush the car.  We do not send cars to the landfills, as this has a negative impact on the environment.

The main purpose of selling old scrap car to car recyclers like ourself is to safely recycle the car. After separating the metal with the mechanics, we crush the car skeleton.

Our mantra is to Recycle, Reduce and Reuse for BETTER and GREENER TOMORROW



To All Car Enthusiast,


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In case if you are looking for some tips and tricks on how to build a project car, you may find

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We have also curated a list where you can sell your project cars in case if you are not driving it.


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Bunch of Cars in Scrapyard

How To Recycle A Car in Ontario?

As per Statistic Canada, in the year 2019, Ontario has the highest new motor vehicle registration. About 770,539 vehicles were registered in 2019. All over Canada, there have been 1,891,821 new motor vehicle registration in the year 2019, compared to 1,623,288 in 2011. Back in the 1970s, people used to trade their vehicles every few years (three to five years). Eventually, the life of the vehicle increased because of the better quality of engines, and mechanics.

As per the report by DesRosiers Automotive Consultants, in the year 2000, upto 33.7% of vehicles in Canada lasted up to 15 years, whereas in the year 2017, 54% of vehicles last for at least 15 years.

            We see these numbers change drastically over the years; it only means that Canadians do tend to keep their old vehicles on the road for longer years. Older vehicles are not very fuel-efficient, has older mechanics and engines, they also tend to eliminate more harmful substance into the environment. Apart from this, these vehicles also contain hazardous materials and other fluids which are harmful on environment and contribute polluting air and environment.

Did you know that your car is the largest and most recyclable product?

When you recycle scrap car or retire your car at end of vehicle facilities, like Towing and Scrap Car Removal, you are making a positive change in the environment. You choose not to spend dollars in repairing the old car, or replacing the old car components, but instead switching to better options. These options can be selling your car for cash, scrapping your car for cash, freeing up your money. You can wisely invest this money into your new big purchase. Not only this gives you instant cash but has a very huge impact on the environment.

Towing and Scrap Car removal is Ontario’s most leading car recyclers. We have over 20 years of experience in car recycling by scrapping unwanted old cars. We have the right type of types of equipment to remove any type of vehicle safely. As soon as we receive the cars at our scrap yard in Scarborough, we make preparations for vehicle dismantling. Our experts remove all the hazardous materials safely and handle them responsibly. As we are aware that car is made with different kinds of metals, we trade this metal at metal mills for cash. Later these metal mills recycle the metal for various other day-to-day life stuff.

Hence, it’s always advisable to recycle your car by scrapping, to get instant cash. Moreover, Towing and Scrap Car removal also provides free towing and scrap car removal services. When you decide to scrap your vehicle, you are contributing positively to the environment.

In case if you are wondering How to determine the value of the Scrap Car read this article.


What Happens To Cars Met With Fatal Road Accidents?

Have you ever wondered what happens after the vehicle collides with other vehicles on roads, or if a car hits a roadside sign? What actually happens with accidented cars after the incident? When is it the right time to reach out to the insurance companies? Who disposes of the damaged car? 

Many times we witness an accident and wonder what happens to the broken or cars damaged in accidents? Who pays for damages? Who looks after the broken car?

Well, there’s one certain thing that our heart goes out to the people who are affected by road mishaps.

What Happen After an Accident? 

Ideally, one should reach out to their insurance companies as soon as an accident happens. If there’s an unreasonable delay in reporting the accident, there are chances that your claims will not be honored.

You will need the following information:

  • Insurance Policy number
  • Year, Make Model of the Car
  • Details of Accident
  • Details about the driver of the vehicle

Thinkinsure has written a detailed blogpost about Reporting an Accident in Ontario.

If the car met with the accident is completely broken, accident towing technicians arrive at the spot  Thereafter they tow and pick up the accidented car and later they take it to the autobody shop.  Most of these auto body shops also assist you in reaching out to your insurance company. If the car is completely damaged, the car will probably end up in a junkyard. In other cases, where the vehicle is repairable, the insurance company will reimburse the cost of repairs and cover it.

End of life vehicle facilities:

Scrap car removal company like Towing and Scrap Car Removal, later reaches the junkyard for free towing and pick up of broken cars. We are end of life vehicle facilities, where we process vehicles which are completely broken or damaged, scrap or junk, non-performing, non-functioning vehicles. We receive them from such junkyard, later process them at our yard (292 Passmore Ave Scarborough, ON M1V 5M8) by removing harmful containments which are bad for our environment, dismantling the car components, and in the end shredding it.

Scrapping Car is an environmentally friendly way to retire your ride. As we are aware, cars are made of metals and aluminum, also contain various harmful materials that are continuously eliminating into our environment. When you scrap your car, we as a professional scrap car removal company carefully dispose of and recycle these vehicles as much as possible.

If you have a car that is unwanted, scrap, old, junk, damaged, or near to retirement, make sure you contact us.  You can make extra cash over your old clunker and as well as act as a responsible citizen.  

How to determine the value of the scrap car

How to determine the value of the Scrap Car?

Do you have a car that has reached its final stage? Are you ready to retire your car for cash? Or there’s an unwanted car or not suitable for trade-in offers? The best bet for you is to sell your car to car recyclers or car scrappers – Towing and Scrap Car Removal, get cash on the spot. Towing and Scrap Car Removal, have compiled a list on how to calculate the value of Scrap Car How much cash will you make when you remove the scrap car?

Year/ Model/ Make Of The Car:

This is the most basic information that will be used to determine the value of the old car: What are the car model, manufacturer, and year of make? This information will give a basic history of the car, and also the current market price of the car.  Always make sure you give out correct information about the car, to get the best price for the scrap car.

Current Price of Scrap Metal at Metal Mills:

This is one of the most important factors in evaluating the value of the car in the scrapyard or junkyard. The majority of the car is built of a combination of metals like Aluminum, Steel, etc. So, when scrapping junk car, this metal is later sold to Scrap Metal Market where it is recycled into new products and further distributed. The rate at which car scrap is sold in the Scrap Metal Market fluctuated on a monthly bases, depending on the demand and supply.

Weight of the Old or Scrap Car:

Another factor that goes into determining the value of a scrap car is the weight of the car. How much does it weigh? The more it weighs, you can get more cash for your old car. In order to increase the weight of the vehicle, you can make sure it has tires, batteries, and other car components. You can also give car waste which otherwise you are going to just garbage. This will increase the weight of the car and eventually fetch you top dollars for old or junk cars.

Location of the Scrap Car:

This has a comparatively low impact on evaluating the Cash for Scrap Cars. Where is the scrap car located? We, at Towing and Scrap Car Removal, offer free pick up or towing of Scrap Cars, free in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. We offer Scrap Car Removal in Mississauga, Brampton, Ajax, Scarborough, Toronto, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Oshawa, Whitby, Pickering, Aurora, and Newmarket.

Now that you know the worth of clunker, are you ready to take the next step? Reach out to us and we will give you the best price for a junk car!

How Scrap Car Removal Benefits the Environment

How Scrap Car Removal Benefits for the Environment

Scrap car removal benefits are plenty and you definitely have some for the environment. You get to free up space in your garage, earn some cash, and even help the environment. There are many reasons to scrap a car. Maybe you’ve neglected it and it’s now beyond repair. Perhaps it has become an eyesore in your driveway. 

Whatever your reason, scrap car removal is a good option for vehicles that you don’t intend to use or keep anymore. While you get to earn extra cash, you also get the opportunity to help in the conservation of the environment. Let’s take a look at a number of reasons for how this is possible. 

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The Process of Scrap Car Removal is Regulated

Recycling centres for cars are required to abide by regulations. It allows their processes to be both ethical as well as environmentally-friendly. That’s why when scrapping your car, you will help businesses that value the environment. 

A great thing about scrap car removal is that you never have to worry about how the car will be used by the recycling centre. You have the assurance that the centre will be using the materials in the best ways possible that will benefit the environment. 

Re-Using Scrap Metal

An old car that doesn’t run anymore may seem like a worthless piece of junk. However, to recycling centres, your old car is a valuable source of scrap metal. These materials can be gathered and then reused. Many people are willing to pay a good price for scrap metal from cars. 

The process of manufacturing metals is hazardous and it damages the environment. It also needs oil and carbon which are some of our planet’s most finite resources. Through scrap car removal, scrap metal can be collected from hundreds up to thousands of old cars. There will be a lesser need for new metals to be manufactured. 

Each year, about 14 million tons of metal such as steel and aluminum are gathered from old cars. Re-using scrap metal can actually save up to 85 million oil barrels a year. Imagine this kind of positive impact on the environment. 

Car Restoration Vs Scrap Car Removal (in Toronto)
Close-up Image of the Front of an Old Scrap Car in a Junk Yard

Proper Disposal of Toxic Materials

It’s easy to assume that all that happens in the scrap car removal process is that old materials like metals and tires get to be recycled. But there are also other materials in the old vehicles that are equally important. They are toxic substances. Some of these toxic materials are in fluid form. Most junk cars have about five to ten gallons of these. 

Toxic materials are chemicals and liquids in the car. It is vital to handle them with utmost care. It’s the reason why scrap car removal should only be done by people who know exactly what the proper processes are. Recycling centres will be able to dispose of these toxic materials properly so that they will not cause any damage. 

Some of the toxic materials that need to be handled with care are power steering fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze, battery acid, sodium azide, and even mercury. If these toxic substances are not properly disposed of, then they can cause harm to the environment. They can contaminate water and soil, killing wildlife and plants in the process. Humans are also in danger because these toxic materials can cause problems in the eyes, skin, and lungs. 

Every Part of the Car can be Recycled

The image that comes to mind when you think of scrap car removal is probably your old car getting crushed and then piled with other scraps. However, this is not the case. Each of the materials found in your can has the chance to be recycled and put to good use. 

The parts of the car such as the catalytic converter, battery, tires, and wheels will be taken. The car will then be drained of its fluids. Basically, everything in the car that can be reused or sold will be taken out. When only the car’s metal framework is left, then it will be compacted. 

An old car still has a lot of value because of the small parts that still work. The mechanics of the recycling centre will thoroughly check the vehicle for all the parts that can be recycled. Not one piece will go to waste. 

Recycling Old Tires

Old tires can definitely be recycled. Instead of letting them sit or burning them, include them in the scrap car removal. The recycling centres will be happy to salvage them. Don’t try to get rid of the old tires yourself and burn them. Tires are made up of rubber. When it is burned, then it will release dangerous chemicals like sulphur dioxide, cyanide, and carbon monoxide. 

There are many ways that you can recycle old tires yourself. You can make them into plant containers for your garden. They are very sturdy and will last forever. However, if you don’t have the time to engage in an activity like gardening or recycling, then you can always call a recycling centre. They’ll help you dispose of your old tires properly. 

Re-Using Old Batteries

Don’t throw away your old batteries carelessly. They are filled with dangerous chemicals that can contribute to the pollution of the environment. Send them to recycling centres where they can be properly reused or disposed of. 

Old car batteries can be revived and reused in another vehicle. Some other centres even repurpose old car batteries for solar panels. It has plenty of uses for the right people and the right business. If you have old batteries, include them in your scrap car removal. 

If you are not knowledgeable about car batteries, don’t attempt to fix, revive, or dispose of them on your own. You may be exposed to chemicals that can hurt you. Leave that to the experts. Never handle the battery with just your bare hands. Always wear protective gear. 

Avoiding Landfills

There’s already a lot that we put into the landfills. We have gotten used to the way that everything is disposable. So we throw things mindlessly. When our garbage in the landfills decompose, they will release methane and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Other hazardous materials will seep through the earth and into the water. 

Scrap car removal is one of the ways to avoid contributing to the problem in our landfills. Don’t allow your car to just rot. Get the services of a recycling centre so that the old vehicle can be scrapped properly. It is in this way that you can be sure your car won’t be polluting the environment. 

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old abandoned car


Scrap car removal can get you some extra cash while giving you the opportunity to help save the environment. As a car owner, you have to be responsible for your vehicle not just for when you are driving it but also for the time when it needs to be disposed of. 

The car is made up of mostly non-biodegradable materials. It will take decades upon decades for the car parts to slowly disintegrate. It will be harmful to the plants and animals that will be exposed to harmful chemicals and toxic materials. That’s why scrap car removal is the best option you have for the responsible way of old car disposal.

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Car Restoration Vs Scrap Car Removal (in Toronto)

You’ll never think of scrap car removal if you’ve got that old car that needs to be resurrected for your daughter’s sweet 16. Or perhaps you are just tired of seeing it sitting in the garage. Then, you’re most likely going to be thinking of getting a car restoration service.

On the other hand, you can also get a scrap car removal which means you’re going to get your old car picked up to be used for scraps in exchange for some money. Which is best? The answer lies in just how much the pros outweigh the cons of each option. Right?

Car restoration, especially in Toronto, involves turning that old classic car into a beautiful car that will look as good as new. If you’re going to embark on this journey though, ensure you have the money, time and energy to see it through. It is not a simple process but in the end, you can cruise around in a car made much more valuable and eye-catching. 

Meanwhile, scrap car removal has to do with scrapping and recycling a car that has reached the end of its life. This is a great option if your car is basically dead and the cost of maintenance has become much higher than necessary. However, not to conclude just yet, let’s look at the pros and cons of both options before deciding which is best.

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Car Restoration

Whether you need to spice up your life with a stylish new car or simply cannot let go of your old car, car restoration might just be your saving grace.


1. You know the process: 

Getting your car restored offers you the opportunity to see it transformed into a perfectly working beauty. Unlike buying a used car off the market, you know each and every part of the car and will not be hit by sudden engine failures or other mechanical problems, not to talk of the paint condition. 

A restored car will have nothing to hide from you especially if you choose to go the DIY route and restore it yourself. This is advisable only if you have some experience working with cars as it will save a whole lot of costs doing it yourself than hiring someone to do it. However, if you know basically nothing about repairing cars then you should leave it to a professional to get your car back in shape and ready for the world to see.

2. Step by step restoration: 

You can choose to get the restoration done incrementally instead of all at once thus enjoying each step of the process.

3. Personalization: 

Of course, one of the greatest benefits of car restoration is that you get to choose exactly what you want the restored car to look like, that’s right, your dream car.


1. Car Restoration Cost More Than Recycling: 

Car restoration and spending money go hand in hand. It is not a project to undertake if you’re going to have to break the bank for it. While restoring your car will amp up its value by far, you must weigh the profit involved if you plan to sell the restored car. However, it has been shown that more often than not, restoration costs will be much higher than the final value of the car. These costs also depend on how much work needs to be done on the car so first of all consider the condition of the car.

2. Time: 

Bear in mind that it can take up to 1000 hours to get the car fully restored so no need to be in a haste.

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Scrap Car Removal

Some cars simply have no hope of life and are a constant disappointment. In such cases, consider a scrap car removal service.


1. Immediate Cash Exchanged For Your Car: 

Most scrap car removal services in Toronto offer cash on the spot when your car is picked up for scrapping. Plus, you may not need to drop off the car, it can be hauled right from your home. However, you should confirm with the towing company whether pick up costs are deducted from the cash you will be paid for your car. Generally, you will get a good amount of money from this.

2. Safe Way To Dispose of Junk: 

An old car sitting in the garage does you no good. It may be better to dispose of it and get it recycled in an environmentally-friendly way.


1. Letting go Hurts: 

No matter how old a car is, it may still be of some sentimental value to you and letting it go for scrapping may not be as easy as it sounds.

2. Pick up Costs: 

Depending on the company, you may need to pay for your car to be picked up or the cost will be deducted from the cash to be paid for your car.

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All in all, from the above you can make a decision as to which option to go for, keeping in mind the state of your car. 

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Costly Mistakes to Avoid in Selling Your Scrap Cars in Toronto

Whenever a car has depreciated in value to the extent that the owner wants nothing but have it sold as scrap metal, there are plenty of things that they neglect to consider before accepting whatever is offered by the scrapping company. We want you to get the most from your car, be it used or not. That said, we are going to share a thinking process for you to play with even before making the call for someone to come and tow your car away to the scrap yard. Brace yourself.

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Know Your Current Car’s Status

Even when you’re sure it will cost more to repair the car than to buy a brand new vehicle, you ought to do a thorough look around the vehicle so you know its exact state. By this, we mean to ask how much of a rust bucket is it? The more rust it has on the metal surface, the fewer metals can be salvaged for reuse without a chemical process required to reverse the rusting. If your car is squeaky clean of rust, put a smile on and know that most, if not all of it will be put to good use.


Share The Car’s History in Full

When someone comes over to value the vehicle along with the towing vehicle, be geared and ready to share what you know about the car in order to get a better deal. For instance, knowing that some parts will be removed and resolved after some refurbishing, you should tell them which parts are in working order. This way, unlike a case where an assumption is made that the total unit is a wreck, there can arise the option to resell in the mind of the buyer. Which could, in turn, raise the money you get from the vehicles?

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Know The Market Selling Price Beforehand

Tying the point above with the current market, a car that can be saved will get you more especially if someone is looking for such a vehicle. Remember, the guys buying the car have hoards of spare parts lying somewhere only waiting for a way back into the humming body of a moving car. Knowing how much a car of the same year and make is going for gives you a percentage acceptable for your old one, even in a deplorable state. Industry rates are that you should accept upwards of a fifth, to 40% of what a good condition vehicle is asking. 


Research Into The Scrap Industry

You must know exactly what is going to happen when the car leaves your yard. Not to the extent that you look to start a car recycling plant, but enough to have a smooth conversation with the guys buying the car for scrap. In essence, which parts are they looking to turn back into usable metal and how much of those parts are on your vehicle. This way, when throwing an offer your way, they feel less capable of swindling you out of value.

The actual prices of the various metals that make up your vehicle are in constant flux, so don’t spend countless hours following the numbers on CNBC looking to squeeze the most from your dear car. Remember, that would only happen because the actual value in your mind is compounded by the many times you drove out of your driveway to have fun in the car over the years. If the car is still new but damaged beyond repair, such that the only option is scrapping, you should not worry much because insurance should bear most of the heavy burden of getting another one.

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Summary: The Takeaway

Say you are oblivious of all the data points we touched on above, this is how a general transaction would go when you settle for scrapping. You convince yourself that there is no value in the vehicle and that you’d be lucky to get anything at all from well-wishers. Heck, you might even be willing to pay someone to take the car away from your property because real estate guys are telling you that it is chewing into your property’s value. You call the first people that pop up on a search for scrap companies. They come over and make you pay to tow the car away (when it should be free), if you don’t show any interest, they will throw the least amount of money your way and you quickly accept wanting them to rush off before they change their minds. You’d have lost a dear friend, and some money to make it all worth the pain of separation.

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What to Look for in a Scrap Car Removal Service in Toronto

What to Look for in a Scrap Car Removal Service in Toronto

Should you ever need the services of a car removal service provider in Toronto, you should get the very best. Everyone deserves the very best. Ever thought what that means? Since we have so many different preferences and are always in non-identical situations, best becomes a relative term. Why then do most companies claim to be the best at what they do, even when their Yelp reviews tell a mixed storey?

The very reason why a 5-star review is followed by a dismal rating is that they do not educate their customers about what exactly it is that they are best at. Let’s see how you can find a scrap car towing service provider that fits onto your preferences like a glove.

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Balanced Reviews Online

They have to be human. Unless they’re paying people to leave good reviews on their Yelp pages, a company that has human attendants will sometimes get bad ratings. They can never have control over the mood of their clients, on the particular day of service. For instance, after a long time trying to fix an old hag of a car, thinking that it is a classic, having it dragged away can leave a person feeling so sad that saying anything nice is the last thing they’re capable of.

There are circumstances when a company is so good at dealing with people in need of towing services. So much that they actually have a majority of just perfect score ratings. These, when accompanies with images of the services being rendered in real-time are the sort of reviews that specialized businesses get. The guys you can trust to do just as good a job as they pulled off for their past clients. Hold on now, there are more things to consider before dialling that number.

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Good Response Time

After passing the reviews test, on Yelp and other review platforms, you may consider giving the scrap car removal company a call. What you’re looking for, besides the response we all want, “…we’re on our way…”, is the attitude and responsiveness of the sales team. It says a lot when the sales team is not motivated to get someone to your location in a good time. At worst, a day is long enough for one to wait for a towing truck to peer through. Into the second day, you should be looking into other companies offering the service at a more exciting pace.

The same applies when you get in touch with the scrap car towing company online. A one-day-old social media chat initiated by you is a telltale of the kind of organization the respondent is running. Something you should look to avoid whenever you can. The other extreme of the spectrum (the good side) is a company that responds quickly. They listen as you describe your situation. They schedule a time for you to be at the location where the scrap car is located. This way, you get to meet with someone that helps while dealing with the information on the ground.

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They Send Someone Over

Before you’re told any numbers besides the call-back number to check on the arrival time of the person coming to tow the scrap car. You should take it as a sign when money is put first and foremost. Most towing scenarios require your car to be inspected by a specialist to determine how much value can be salvaged before it is recycled. This means different values may be reached for the same car make and model, depending on how depreciated it is.

Sending someone over shows initiative on the part of the service provider in seeing the transaction through. Also, it shows honesty. Your car is worth more than just a few coloured sheets of paper (money) to you. You deserve the respect that recognizes the relationship you may have nurtured with the car as you grew through the years together. In the case of accident vehicles, the tethering just started, getting torn is a painful experience that has to be conducted with care.

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A Good Scrap Car Removal Service Cares

Not just for you, but the environment. The staff sent to pick your car off the spot it rests will be willing to talk you through the process that’s ahead for the car. They may even show you some great workmanship. Some reviews online will mention the names of the drivers and what they did to make the process as stress-free as possible for their customers. These are the guys that are malleable to every situation. Knowing when to console you, when to laugh, and how to give you the best value from the scrap car even as you watch them drive off into the horizon.

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7 Reasons Why Scrapping Your Car is Good for the Environment

Although it leaves you with a hole that only a better car can fill, scrapping yours has some direct benefits to the environment. Companies that are in the business of turning od and sometimes new but totalled vehicles play an integral role in keeping the balance between what we take from the finite pool of resources from the planet, and what we reuse. If you’re thinking of recycling your car, there are seven reasons why you should feel good about the decision, and maybe even suggest the same to your friends and family. 

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1. Recycling Means Fewer Metals Will Be Mined

Picture a scenario where the demand for cars (SUVs in particular) worldwide continues to rise, a whole lot of old vehicles pile up in dumps with no one to care what happens next. That would mean more metals have to be extracted from the earth’s surface to sustain the hunger for big vehicles, right? Well, you don’t have to imagine the scene, it is already happening. Recycling those old cars releases the pressure to get more metal out of the earth, which saves a lot of land from being turned over, destroying millions of animals’ habitats (and sometimes them too) in the process.

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2. The Energy Savings You Make Are Huge

Did we mention how much energy is needed to carry out the process of metal extraction from the ground? Don’t guess, a detailed paper by CSIRO debunked that it would cost 200 Mega Joules to produce a kilogram of aluminum. Even more, if we’re to factor how much a car’s weight is attributed to just metals, that’s a lot of power in production only. If we already have the metal above the ground, no energy is dissipated in the extraction and purification process, which could help keep the lights in countries that import electricity.

3. Lesser Pollutants 

Old vehicles, when left to rot where they park, are somewhat of a visual pollutant. The fact that they actually devalue the property on which they lie means they should be moved elsewhere. To the crusher maybe. If we’re to keep the environment looking serene, we have to pluck those old rotting jalopies from sight and preferably recycle them for better use.

4. Make Way For The New

As we do away with the old vehicles, we usher in a stream of cars with better power consumption systems. Hybrid cars use lesser fossil fuel-based energy to move around, directly affecting how much oil fracking is needed to keep businesses alive. In the future, when more electric cars are on the roads than liquid fuel ones, the air should be more breathable. People wouldn’t have to worry about wearing masks when they leave the house, as would be the case if we hadn’t bumped into the idea of clean energy vehicles. Surely it would help if we didn’t have to mine all the metal to make such an environment a possibility.

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5. The Landfill Zero-Sum Game

When you recycle your car, a lot of the metal goes on to be converted into washing machines, toasters, and other devices we need. Some of the end results, especially those nonmetallic, are repurposed to cover open cast mine cavities from which more metals would have been siphoned. This eventually leaves mine sites in the same state as they were before the disruptive digging took place. Those once displaced animals eventually find refuge in such reclaimed landfills in due time.

6. Safer Disposal Of Toxic Materials

Statistics hold that with each passing year, vehicle recycling centers collect enough hazardous fluids from their subjects to save the planet from an equivalence of 8 Exxon Valdez Events. Given the damage perpetrated by just one which actually occurred, it’s safe to give the green light to the reclamation of used vehicles. Even in relatively minute amounts, an oil spill from your old car in your backyard posses a threat to the immediate environment, not to mention adventurous children. 

7. Helps Others In Need 

We’re all part of the environment, which is why when your recycled car’s otherwise usable tire rims are bought at a cheaper price compared to the brand new ones you would have impacted their lives positively. While for some, using old parts salvaged from recycled cars is a hobby, it is a matter of urgency that those parts be available for the smooth and economic continuation of others’ way of life.

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There are plenty of other indirect benefits to the environment that are derived from the decision and conscious act of recycling your car. As motivation, the hard cash you stand to reclaim from the transaction should be the last push for you to call in car removal and scrapping service providers to tow that car away for recycling.

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How Scrap Car Removal Companies Recycle a Car

If you’re a motor-head, the last place you need to pay a visit is the scrapyard that has a crusher and any other vehicle recycling equipment in operation. Call it what you want, but watching your cargo from that set of wheels that took you anywhere you wanted in a few turns of the wheel to a box of metal small enough to fit into a similar car can have a grown man in tears. Nonetheless, we’ll take you through the steps that scrap car removal companies take when recycling a car. For the sake of the light-hearted (hardcore car enthusiasts), we’ll save you the gore details 😎. Or are we?

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Step 1. Collecting The Car

The part that won’t bring too many tears to your eyes is when your car is towed away. This can happen in two ways; you either get paid for the scrap and any salvageable parts, or you give it away willy-nilly since old cars turn into health hazards at some point. Either way, having decided that a towing car should haul your vehicle away is first and the first stage to the car recycling process. There are finer details to the process of towing the car, you can find out more about these in other discussions.

Step 2. Salvaging Usable Parts

Seldom will a car be totally unusable, even when involved in the kinds of accidents that ‘total’ it. A piece or two may still be in working order, to the end that someone might be on the hunt for them in the near future. Although used, these parts will add some usage time and mileage to vehicles still on the road. During the process of removing such items (windshields, rims, steering wheels, and such), the used oil and now rust-contaminated fule that the car may still have, are carefully drained and discarded in ways that will not damage the environment. It would be pointless if these were allowed to spill out in the next step.

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Step 3. Meet The Crusher

Now ready for the extraction of metal, the car is lifted either by heavy magnets or mechanical arms and inserted into the crusher. In simple terms, a crusher is what you get when a cavity holds the car in place as 2400 psi of pressure from all sides reduces the car into a cube of metal. The stuff of nightmares really. It is at this stage that the make and model (and how much you paid for it) of a car are of no importance anymore. 

The treatment that a rust bucket from a handful of decades ago gets from the crusher is the very same that last year’s Lamborghini will get. The merciless machine is just the start of a series of mechanical breakdowns that breathe new life into any unfortunate vehicle that lands into its mouth (that cavity from before).

Step 4. Cut ‘n’ Grind

In their now cubic form, the vehicles are placed onto a moving belt that feeds a shredder. Just the name should be too much detail into what this machine does. In conjunction with a cutter, the now lumps of used-to-be-cars are broken down into smaller pieces of metal. We’d swear one can hear the screams and cries as the metal rips apart and any other air pockets are removed from the scrap as they drown down the shredder’s neck. 

The output from this process is a finer serving of metal, from which it is near impossible to tell which part of the vehicle is which. Only some semblance colour remains to distinguish which vehicle is the source of a corresponding piece of metal.

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Heaps Of Metal

To separate the metal from the rubber and other materials (cloth, mats, and cushions), huge drums of magnet roll over the metal. This process ends the metal collection part, leaving heaps of valuable metals ready to be used again. On the other side of this mine of wealth is a lot of stuff that is often transported to decommissioned open cast mining sites to be used as landfill material. 

A lot of car removal companies are involved in this process to step 2, leaving more specialized plants to take on the more industrious steps that spue out metal for reuse. If it is any consolation, some of the metal recovered from this rather unsightly process goes back into the making of cars. Making it analogous to a rather brutal rebirth process, through which your sacrifice will give the owner of a new vehicle comparable joy and adventure. All worth it when you consider the number of natural habitats that would have otherwise been destroyed to get fresh metals to build cars.

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Scrapping vs Salvaging: What to do with Scrap Cars in Toronto

Like any other machine, cars have a lifespan, often leaving them unfit for further use on the road. What then becomes of a car when it graduates to a state that prefixes the word ‘scrap’? The two most taken routes at that stage are either salvaging the parts or scraping the metal for reuse elsewhere. Let’s look at both routes in detail, and maybe help you make the decision to go with one that gives you more peace of mind and stops you from leaving any money on the table

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Good Reasons To Scrap a Car In Toronto

Of the +200 active (registered) mines in Canada as a whole, it is imperative that we recycle some metals and leave a lighter carbon footprint as we try to quench our thirst for metals. The option to scrap a car can be one where you do not wish to get any financial gain for the metal that is the final product. If so, you will have saved a huge amount of energy and resources, otherwise, you do deserve some hard cash for the separation you opt into with your old trusted car companion. 

A quick visit to a car junkyard and you will appreciate how much of a health hazard old cars actually are. Not only do they bleed toxic fluids in the form of used oils, coolants and even battery acid, but they’re also presence is somewhat of pollution on its own. Getting rid of an old car through scrapping, during which all these liquids are safely extracted and disposed of, does the environment a huge favour. An oil spill, on land or in water, destroys a lot of natural life. When you start feeling the pinch every time you take the gar in for service, know that it’s a sign to start considering one of the two subjects we’re discussing here.

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Good Reasons To Salvage Old Cars in Toronto

To start with, the process of salvaging parts off an old, unusable vehicle does so much good to the pockets of other vehicle owners that will purchase the used parts at collective bargains. Not too good to hear if you’re in the business of selling crisp new car parts unless you look at it in the light that you could too sell the parts to a pool of more willing customers. If you’re at the end that’s letting go of a vehicle, getting the most money out means having the option to sell some stuff before giving the car off to scrap yards. This can be a tough task since people in need of the parts you’re selling are not easily going to find you.

To Scrap or To Salvage; The Numbers

With the two options exposed, it should be noted that even when you let go of your car the scrap route, and it has some parts in good shape, they are probably going to be salvaged anyway. The amount you’re paid by towing companies for the car as a whole will have factored this probable fact in. Unless your car is totally un-salvageable, oh well, let it go and save yourself the hard of keeping it on your property any longer than necessary. 

Let whoever you hire to tow the car away from the value you saw in the vehicle when negotiating a payout. This way you squeeze as much from the fun times you shared with the ride as possible. It is often more heartbreaking calculating the fun times, which in reality you can never put a monetary figure on. Nevertheless, you should get some money regardless of the route you pick. The difference is that you may get more from consciously scrapping the car. Meaning you have to know just what you’re getting into and what the other guys are getting after you give them the car. Open up with the towing (and scrapping) company for the best results.

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Scrap Car Collectors in Toronto

A quick Yelp search for “Scrap Car Collectors” will give you plenty of options as to which company to call in. However, most will either charge you for the towing service that is included in the act or not even discuss the fact that you should get something out of the exchange. Either way, you’re best looking into how the free-tow and extra income method works. This way, even as it hurts to watch your car move into a new life (through first dying – sorry), you have some paper to rub between your finger and thumb and a platform to start the man/woman-car relationship again. 

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