Legal Aspects of Scrapping a Car in Ontario

Legal Aspects of Scrapping a Car in Ontario

In the bustling province of Ontario, the process of scrapping a vehicle is governed by a set of legal and environmental rules. At Towing and Scrap Car Removal, we have over two decades of experience in navigating these regulations, ensuring a seamless and compliant experience for our clients.

Understanding Ownership and Documentation:

Establishing legal ownership is the first and most critical step in the car scrapping process. You need to provide ownership documents to scrap a car legally. This is a safeguard against illegal scrapping and ensures that the vehicle is legitimately owned by the person initiating the scrapping. Our team assists in preparing and handling these documents, ensuring that all legal requirements are meticulously met.

Transfer of Ownership and Registration:

Transferring ownership is a legal requirement in Ontario. When you decide to scrap your vehicle, the ownership must be legally transferred to the scrapyard or recycling company. This process involves signing a transfer form and carefully removing the registration portion. At Towing and Scrap Car Removal, we guide our clients through every step of this process, making sure all legal requirements are met with ease and precision.

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Dealing with License Plates:

A common question we encounter is what to do with the vehicle’s license plates after scrapping. In Ontario, it’s recommended to remove and return the license plates to Service Ontario. This can lead to credit for any remaining validity on the plates, which can be used for future vehicle registrations. This step is often overlooked but is an important part of the vehicle decommissioning process.

NOTE: In Ontario, renewing your license plate is now free for most vehicles. This change means that there is no cost associated with renewing your license plate sticker, and this process can be completed online. The renewal is valid for either one or two years, typically before your birthday.

Environmental Compliance and Responsibility:

Environmental stewardship is a key aspect of the vehicle scrapping process. We ensure that the disposal of your vehicle adheres to Ontario’s stringent environmental regulations. From safely disposing of hazardous materials to recycling usable parts, we’re committed to eco-friendly practices. Read more about how scrapping your car benefits the environment.

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Safety Standards in Towing:

Safety is paramount in our operations. We adhere to strict safety standards and regulations in towing. Our trained drivers and state-of-the-art equipment are capable of handling vehicles in various conditions, ensuring a risk-free and efficient towing experience. We prioritize the safety of our clients and the community at large in every towing operation we undertake.

Valuation of Scrap Vehicles:

Determining the value of a scrap car involves various factors, including its weight, make, model, and overall condition. At Towing and Scrap Car Removal, we offer a transparent and fair valuation for your vehicle, with prices ranging based on these criteria. Our goal is to provide the best possible value, reflecting the true worth of your scrap vehicle.

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Handling Special Cases:

Whether it’s a car without wheels, a vehicle leaking fluids, or the scrapping of a leased or financed car, our team is equipped to handle these scenarios. Each situation has its unique challenges, and our expertise ensures that these are addressed in a compliant and efficient manner.

Navigating the legal and environmental aspects of scrapping a car in Ontario doesn’t have to be complicated. With Towing and Scrap Car Removal, you have a reliable and knowledgeable partner to guide you through the process, ensuring legal compliance and environmental responsibility.

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Alejandro Libertella
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Professional service in every respect. Got driven to shop where my car was located and they drove me back home.Thank you.Higher value $$$ then most places. Very effective and quick results and was amazing communicating with Alex.
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Tyler Koverko
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Great experience. Took my old 2006 Jeep “as is” for cash. Fast responses. Fair price. A technician came same day with the flatbed to take it away. He was able to jumpstart it. Very professional
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People THANK YOU, It was easy and prompt. I never knew that scrapping my car would be so profitable and fun. Those guys made my day!!! Highly recommend! I got $1,000 for my minivan as I was promised . 1,000$ rules LOL
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Antonina Savchuk
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Guys from Towing and scrap car removal came 10 minutes earlier then they were supposed to. Everything else went smooth and very professional. I didn't get full $1,000 that I was quoted over the phone, my car was missing catalytic converter, it was cut before by someone else.I got $700 for my Buick Rendezvous. Guys it was pleasure dealing with you, thank you!
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Adelia B
April 20, 2023.
My car had all four wheels flat, they send a flatbed over and within 20 minutes my car was removed from my property. I highly recommend them, they did amazing job.



  1. Do I need to provide proof of ownership to scrap my car?

    Yes, you must provide proof of ownership, such as the vehicle ownership documents. This is required to legally transfer the vehicle to the scrapyard.

  2. How do I transfer ownership of the car to the scrapyard?

    You need to fill out a transfer form, sign it, and hand it over to the scrapyard along with the vehicle’s registration.

  3. What should I do with my license plates after scrapping my car?

    Remove and return them to Service Ontario. You might receive credit for any remaining time left on the plates.

  4. Is there an environmental fee for scrapping a car?

    While there isn’t a specific environmental fee, scrapyards must comply with environmental regulations for disposing of vehicles, which might affect their pricing.

  5. Can I scrap a car that is still financed or leased?

    No, you must first obtain permission from the lender or leasing company, as they hold an interest in the vehicle. Please read this article to know more: Can I Scrap a Car That is Still Financed or Leased?

  6. What happens if my car is not in running condition?

    You can still scrap a non-running car. Most scrapyards, including Towing and Scrap Car Removal, will tow the vehicle for free from your location.

  7. Are there any specific documents I need to scrap my car?

    Besides proof of ownership, you may also need to provide a valid photo ID. Check with the scrapyard for any additional requirements.

  8. How is the value of a scrap car determined?

    The value is typically based on factors like the car’s weight, age, model, and condition. The scrap metal market also influences the price.

  9. Do I need to remove personal belongings before scrapping?

    Yes, you should remove all personal items from the car. Also, consider removing valuable components like entertainment systems if you wish to keep them.

  10. Should I cancel my car insurance before or after scrapping the car?

    You should Cancel your insurance after the car has been towed away and the ownership transfer is complete to avoid any coverage gap.