Can I Scrap a Car Without Ownership? Can I Scrap a Car Without Title?

Can I Scrap a Car Without Ownership?

You’ve got an old vehicle sitting idle, its once vibrant days long behind, and now you’re pondering whether you can send it off to the scrapyard. But there’s a catch: the title or ownership document is nowhere to be found. This predicament is not uncommon. Many find themselves with a vehicle they’re eager to dispose of, but the lack of proper documentation makes them hesitate. So, the looming question is, can you indeed scrap a car without its title in hand? Before diving into that query, let’s first understand what car ownership truly means.

What is Car Ownership?

In Ontario, “vehicle ownership” or “vehicle permit” refers to the official document proving a person or entity legally owns a particular vehicle. This document is essential for personal records and critical for various legal and administrative processes related to vehicles.

Sample Ontario Vehicle Permit/Ownership
Sample Ontario Vehicle Permit/Ownership

Here’s a detailed breakdown:

  1. Physical Description: The vehicle ownership paper is typically green and contains vital information about the vehicle. This includes the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), make, model, year, color, type, and weight of the vehicle.
  2. Owner Details: The ownership document also lists the name and address of the registered owner. This ensures that there’s a clear record of who is responsible for the vehicle.
  3. Lien Information: If there’s a lien (a type of security interest) on the vehicle, this will also be mentioned on the ownership document. A lien could exist if the car was purchased with financing and the loan hasn’t been paid off fully.
  4. Purchase Details: The ownership also contains details of the vehicle’s purchase date and the name and address of the seller.
  5. Transfer Section: At the bottom of the ownership paper, there’s a section dedicated to the transfer of ownership. When selling a vehicle, this portion gets filled out to officially change the ownership from the seller to the buyer.
  6. Plate Portion: This section keeps track of the license plate associated with the vehicle. If a vehicle is sold and the seller retains the license plates, the plate portion must be separated and kept by the seller.

The vehicle ownership is an essential document and should be kept in a safe place. It shouldn’t be left in the vehicle, as it’s required for various transactions like selling your vehicle, transferring ownership, or even when seeking some repair services.

When to Update Your Vehicle Permit?

It’s imperative to update your vehicle ownership in Ontario when:

  • You buy or sell a vehicle.
  • There’s a change in your address.
  • You’ve made specific modifications to your vehicle, like changes in color.
  • There’s been a change in the vehicle’s status, for instance, if it becomes unfit or irreparable. Remember, updating your vehicle ownership ensures you stay compliant with Ontario’s regulations and helps avoid potential legal hitches.

NOTE: There is no fee required to amend or update your vehicle permit when you provide the original current permit.

Situations Leading to a Car Without Ownership

There are various scenarios where someone might have a car without ownership. A common one is purchasing a vehicle and never receiving the title. Sometimes, owners misplace their title over time. In other instances, it might be due to inheriting a vehicle without proper documentation.

Can I Scrap a Car Without Ownership?

In Ontario, the question of whether one can scrap a car without ownership is not a simple one. The vehicle ownership document, often referred to as the title in other jurisdictions, serves as proof that you legally own the vehicle. Without this document, there can be complications and potential legal risks.

Can’t Find Your Car’s Ownership to Scrap?

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The Challenges of Scrapping Without Ownership

Ontario’s scrap yards and salvage dealers usually require proof of ownership before they accept a vehicle for scrapping. This process ensures:

  1. The vehicle is not stolen.
  2. The person scrapping the car has the legal right to do so.
  3. The scrap yard or dealer is protected from potential legal complications down the line.

What are the Alternatives?

If you find yourself with a car you’d like to scrap but lack the necessary ownership documents, consider the following steps:

  1. Replacement Ownership: Visit ServiceOntario to inquire about obtaining a replacement vehicle ownership document. There might be fees and required documentation, so it’s wise to check in advance.
  2. Dismantle for Parts: While selling the entire vehicle without ownership can be problematic, you may dismantle it and sell it for parts. However, some parts might still require proof of ownership, so always verify with potential buyers.
  3. Affidavit: In some cases, an affidavit stating the origins of the vehicle and your claim to it might help. However, not all scrap yards will accept this as sufficient proof.

While it’s not straightforward to scrap a car without ownership in Ontario, there are potential paths to navigate the situation. Always prioritize obtaining the proper documentation when possible, as it streamlines the process and ensures you’re abiding by Ontario’s regulations. If in doubt, consult with professionals in the field or legal experts to ensure you’re making informed decisions.


  1. Can I sell a car without ownership in Ontario?

    No, selling a car without ownership or a title is not advised, and in most cases, illegal in Ontario.

  2. How can I get a replacement title for my car in Ontario?

    You can apply for a replacement at ServiceOntario with the required documents and fees.

  3. Can I scrap a car without a title?

    No, scrapping a car is considered a sale. You can not sell or scrap a car that is not under your name.

  4. Can I junk a car without a title?

    No, junking a car, like scrapping a car is also considered a sale. You can not junk a car that is not under your name.

  5. What happens if I scrap a car without a title?

    You risk legal repercussions, as many scrapyards require a title to prove the car isn’t stolen.

  6. Can I donate a car without ownership?

    Most charities require a title for car donations to ensure legality.

  7. Why is a car title important?

    It’s the legal proof of ownership and is crucial for buying, selling, or transferring vehicles.

  8. How do I ensure I receive a car title when purchasing?

    Always finalize the sale at a reputable place and ensure all paperwork is complete.

  9. Are there penalties for scrapping a car without ownership in Ontario?

    Yes, one can face legal consequences or fines for not adhering to provincial regulations.

  10. Can I use a car without ownership for parts?

    Yes. While the car can be used for parts, selling those parts might require proof of ownership.

  11. What if I inherited a car without ownership?

    Consult with a lawyer or visit ServiceOntario to guide you on the necessary steps.

  1. I have a car in my possesion that I need to sell as a scrap but do not have the title as the owner is deceased and there is no paper work available.

    I need some guidance on how I can do this legally.

    Thank you