How Much Do Scrap Yards Pay for Used Cars that Still Run?

How Much Do Scrap Yards Pay For Used Cars That Still Run?

When selling a used vehicle for scrap at a junkyard, scrap car buyers take a lot of issues into consideration when determining its estimated price. How do scrap car removal companies establish a price for used cars? What’s the difference when pricing running old vehicles compared to scrapping cars? How would a running auto be priced?

It would depend on a variety of factors, mostly relying on the vehicle’s value and overall condition. While some offers would normally cost less than half of the market value, those mainly pertain to end-of-life automobiles. Running vehicles will most likely get you more cash, as they tend to have more valuable parts that junkers can profit from.

How do scrap car removal companies base their pricing on used vehicles?

In most cases, companies use various institutions such as the Canada Black Book and the Kelley Blue Book to determine the current market value of vehicles and then calculate it accordingly to industry standards. Depending on the scrap car removal company you’re dealing with, junk cars are sometimes worth 20 % to 40% of the current market value. Cars that are turned in are also cross-checked to determine an accurate market price.

Scrap car buyers also look for the following when determining the price of a used vehicle:

  • The car’s make, model, and year: This information is important when pricing a used car because junkers determine what kinds of parts will be available for salvage, especially for functioning vehicles. The more pristine car parts and accessories are available, the more your used vehicle will be worth.
  • Vehicle weight: A car’s weight affects its price as well, as junkers can determine the amount of metal that they can salvage. Running vehicles would more than likely cost more than scrap cars because they weigh more due to the amount of metal left in the car.
  • The current value of scrap metal: Another factor that would significantly affect the price of a used vehicle is the recent value and demand for scrap metal. It’s better to do your own research as well as to have a more favorable negotiation with the scrap car buyer.

How are cars that run priced at a scrap yard?

Scrap car buyers determine the price of running vehicles in the same way mentioned above, but they also adjust the price according to the useful parts and materials they might find on your car.

Some parts that scrap car buyers look for in a running vehicle include the following:

Running engine:

Your car’s engine is one of the most important parts a junker looks for in a vehicle. Moreover, if it’s from a newer model and is under 150,000 km, you can expect or negotiate a better offer from your buyer.


Aluminum wheels, depending on their condition, could be of use for scrap yards and so they inspect those on your vehicle as well. They are either resold or salvaged by the scrap yard.


All kinds of car lights—headlights and taillights—are mostly in demand on the market. Obviously, junkers take advantage of used vehicles’ remaining lights and resell them.


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    What’s the difference between the price of running cars compared to scrapping them?

    Junkers oftentimes sell functioning or running cars for higher prices than scrap cars, as they are oftentimes still equipped with valuable parts and materials that junkers salvage or re-sell for additional revenue. Scrap cars, on the other hand, are oftentimes only based on their weight and the amount of scrap metal left available on the vehicle.

    Scrap cars, for the most part, are offered with a starting industry average price of $300 to $1,000. For running vehicles, you can expect a higher offer, but it would still depend on the overall condition of the vehicle and the available parts and materials. If you’re looking for a fair and accurate estimation of your vehicle that you want to take to a scrap yard, fill out our online quotation form and reach out to us at or (647)-957-8305, and we’ll offer top dollar for your scrap car—or running auto. We look forward to doing business with you!

    1. I have a Lexus ES 300 year 2002.
      It runs but battery is dead at the moment. The body has rust. Engine, transmission, is working.

    2. 2010 Jeep Patriot
      Alloy rims
      Was running until today when I turned it on and some smoke come from under the hood that is very likely the starter.

      Location: L9L1G6

    3. I have 2005 BMW X5 With almost 300000 K Working fine now looking to get rid of it before it breaks on me

    4. I have a 2007 Honda Accord SE with 277500 KM on it. The car is in a good shape with new tires and battery with a brand new remote starter. No mechanical fault is there on the car.

        1. Hi, I have a 2002 Honda accord V6 limited edition. Runs great but frame is rotted and is not road worthy or able to drive.

    5. Have a Cadillac STS running needs battery replaced 2006 with 110,000 kms.

    6. 2008 Nissan Altima 3.5L V6. 216,000kms. Running. Minor rust. Brand new rear brakes. Catalytic converter replaced within last 6 years. High end Alloy rims.

    7. Hello there,
      I have a BUICK CENTURY 1999 model, the car is running, transmission working perfectly, A/C working perfectly, the odometer is not working but its around 150000 km. There is a leakage in the radiator and I don’t want to fix that. Send me your offer.

    8. What is the price paid for 2003 Ford Explorer 4WD? Small rust, new muffler, needs battery, as is

    9. I have a 2011 Chevy Equinox
      I think it just needs a timing chain but other than that it works and has a new engine
      There’s a tiny bit of rust I think

    10. 2017 dodge ram 1500
      Curious if you’re interested in it. It’s been in an accident driver side messed up. Hit a pool.
      Everything inside is basically mint condition. Highway driven. I just can’t afford to fix it.

    11. I have a 2004 Toyota tundra limited edition 4 wheel drive. Power stirring gone. What approximately would you buy it for?

    12. Have a 2001 Honda accord, 4cyl. 225km. It runs, catalytic converter is missing.

    13. 2007 Chevy cobalt ls. Exterior has some damage, brand new rad, 4 brand new all season tires, 4 new winter tires

    14. 2002 corolla one owner no accidents little rust many new parts good tires 430000klm with ac working runs and drives great want to sell what is your price

    15. I have a 2006 Subaru baja with 320,000km on it. New engine with 70,000km on it. Runs and drives fine. Trying to get rid of it as I had an accident which pushed the rear passenger door in