Should I Scrap My Car During Lockdown?

Should I Scrap My Car During Lockdown?

If you have a car that needs to be scrapped, there’s no need to wait. We can scrap it safely and through our contactless pickup, so you can reap the benefits of scrapping your car now, rather than later.

After all, the cash you receive for your scrap car may be more important than ever right now. Scrapping your car will mean saving money on insurance, parking charges, and maintenance. We all are aware of high insurance charges, and parking fees in the Greater Toronto Area, and Downtown Toronto. These costs still need to be paid even if your vehicle no longer runs or if you are not using it unless you decide to scrap it.

When you decide to scrap a car you no longer require, not only you’ll get peace of mind, but also you are helping our environment. Did you know an ideal sitting car can still eliminate fluids?

We guarantee you a sigh of relief as you allow us- scrap car removal experts in Scarborough to handle the junk car removal process professionally.

We are offering contactless pick-up of all scrap cars. We have always strived to make our scrap car service as easy and convenient for our customers as possible, and our contactless pick-up during this pandemic is no different.

Once you have accepted a quote for your car, we will contact you to arrange a suitable time for scrap car pick-up. All our drivers and buyers follow the strict social distancing guidelines of Ontario.

The only person-to-person interaction during this process is when we give cash on the spot for scrap cars unless you want us to e-transfer the amount

How can I scrap my car during a lockdown?

If you want to scrap your car during the COVID-19 lockdown, follow our simple and straightforward steps.

  1. Get an online quote

Use our online forms to get no-obligation quotes from us. When you are filing an online form, make sure to provide all necessary information like make and model, and year. Alternatively, you can also give us a call, to get the best quotes for your vehicle in seconds.

  1. Confirm your booking

We will call you to confirm your booking and answer any questions you have. If you’re happy with everything, we will then book the pick-up of the junk car.

  1. Your vehicle is collected, and you receive payment

Your buyer will call you to set a convenient time and date for them to pick up your car. When we come to pick up the car, we will payout cash on the spot.  The scrap car removal process will be completely contactless under current social distancing guidelines stated by the Ontario Government.

They will then load your car onto the recovery truck and hand out a bill of sale. This will also be a transfer of ownership document. Once we collect your car, you’ll receive cash on the spot.

And that’s it! So, don’t wait, secure the extra cash you need now, and junk your car with us – safely, securely and hassle-free. Contact us at Towing and Scrap Car Removal

Learn about our scrap car process in more detail, or get a quote for your vehicle now.

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