End of Life Vehicle Facilities

End of life vehicle(EVL) processing facility is considered to be a facility that a person engages in the collection, handling, storage, or processing (removing contaminants, dismantling for parts, flattening, crushing, shredding, etc) end-of-life vehicles. Dismantling and depollution can involve the use of different equipment such as fluid removal systems, mechanical and manual cutting equipment, and torching and lancing equipment. Scrap vehicle removal companies and scrapyards have these resources and equipment to take car of this process when a car reaches to its end of life.

Project Cars, Cars as a project, Parts car
September 11, 2020

Project Cars

To All Car Enthusiast, Attention! Towing and Scrap Car removal is very delighted to share a special “Project Cars” as a promotional offer. As you all must be aware, Towing Read More

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August 17, 2020

What Happens To Cars Met With Fatal Road Accidents?

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