Top 5 Car Towing Companies In Toronto

Often it comes with the chance that you bump into a great service provider. Mostly because you don’t need their help but once every 4 or 5 years. This is the case with towing companies. Unless someone put a hex on you, there are slim chances that you’re repeatedly looking into which towing company to come to haul you to a vehicle service center. Nonetheless, you must get the best service possible when you call a towing company and you require help.

If you must call someone, these five companies should be among the top-rated towing service providers in Toronto, in no particular sorting criteria.

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Pk Towing Toronto

Although Yelp has fewer than 10 reviews, its reputation among those served is a perfect score. It says a lot when a company can maintain a happy clientele, even if they are relatively new in the service industry. The fact that you get to see the attendant double-check all attachments before they drive off after having shown up before you’re bored of waiting is a sign that they will be a force to reckon with in the future.

Other services you can contact Pk Towing for, include the following;

Roadside Assistance

Should you find yourself in a breakdown, they vow to come and help you if the problem is minor, else they take you to a garage (or even to your home) of your choice.

Vehicle Recovery

Stuck in snow, mud, or an accident? They will come and recover your vehicle. Leaving you capable of continuing on your trip, or safely towing your car wherever you and the police agree to park it.

Cardinal Towing Toronto

A crucial trait that lands companies on this list are the ability to carry out tows that other companies may not have the technical experience to execute. Scouring through reviews from their past clients, you can detect how competent the team is. Couple that with the patience to educate the customer as you carry out a job that would happen faster if everyone just focused on their tasks, and you have a good towing company to work with.

AWIN Downtown Bodyshop

They offer more than just a towing service. In the event that your vehicle can be repaired, they can provide a quotation for the work and actually carry it out. If you check with online reviews on Yelp or anywhere else, although not perfect scores, there are more satisfied customers than those disgruntled. A mean feat for a company that juggles more than a handful of functions.

  • Collision repair
  • Vehicle body paint services
  • Frame straightening
  • Car washing
  • Hail damage repair services
  • Car rentals
  • Glass repair

Motorcycle Towing Toronto

Although it has a smaller frame, your motorcycle deserves just as much attention to detail and care as would any larger vehicle, if not more. Focusing solely on the towing away of smaller motor vehicles, bikes, and quads, they have a clean reputation among their served clients thus far. A gallery of successfully completed tows alongside smiling faces of their owners should be enough social proof to call them in if ever you should require their assistance. The founder saw a glitch in the market, where it used to be more expensive to tow a motorcycle than it would cost to get it repaired. 

Towing And Scrap Car Removal

Offering what is perhaps the most interesting list of services on this list and at the lowest expense to the customer, Towing and Scrap Car Removal can pay you for the job they will have come to carry out. Yes, that’s right. A scrap car towing call can result in you walking off with some money after they compensate you for the wreckage. 

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Something to note, a difference in service level, is the fact that when the crew from Towing and Scrap Car Removal come, you need to be effectively selling the vehicle to them either because it is a write-off, or you decided to have it recycled. This way, you won’t actually need to worry about them charging you anything.

Should you ever find yourself in an accident situation where your vehicle is not suitable for road use anymore, the companies above have options you can explore. Towing charges are besides those covered by your vehicle insurance, which in any case you should have paid premiums. Even though you can find yourself thinking of getting your vehicle off an accident scene as quickly as possible, calling the police is more important than getting in touch with any of the towing companies suggested above.

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