Car Scrapping Services - How does it work in Toronto

Car Scrapping Services: How does it work? (in Toronto)

Unlike conventional vehicle towing services, car scrapping and towing combined means that you actually get cash for the vehicles occupying space on your property. These can be written off cars from nasty accidents, or simply cars you’re no longer using and need to get off your hands. The case would be less favorable in the case of calling vehicle towing companies; then you’d have to pay them to take the car to a dumping site. 

Vehicle Towing For Free

Because the scrap metal from your otherwise space-wasting, hazardous toxin-dripping vehicle can be resold along with any salvageable parts, you fairly deserve to be compensated. Ordinarily, just the thought of getting your near scrap-metal only car towed from where it continually decays gives rise to the thought of a huge bill from whoever comes to haul it away. Thanks to a rising need to recycle metal (everything really), you can simply call someone and expect to get paid in addition to the added value on your property that was strung up by an unsightly jalopy.

Finding a Towing Company 

Because the market for scrap metal is hungry for more old cars to down the crushers, everyone and more people are opening companies to cash in. What this brings, apart from the convenience of the free towing industry, is a lot of chancers looking to swindle you of the cut you’re entitled to. Trust is the commodity that keeps the industry in motion. A quick search on Yelp for honest reviews of companies in the scrap car towing business, or simply look up “free towing”. This short research will open a can of worms for those who have anything to hide.

Social media is a good place to get only the best towing services providers near your location. A quick query with your friends and followers will have you equipped with some options to explore. 

How Long Will The Towing Take

The towing part is perhaps the least anxiety-inducing bit in your case since you won’t have to lift a finger getting the vehicle secured for transportation. Prior to that, some documentation will have to be filled out, again nothing of a hassle since they are mostly to ascertain vehicle ownership and getting your consent for the transaction. While the best in the industry will have someone on-site to inspect the vehicle before towing in 24 hours from the time you place a call with them, allow for 48 hours. 

When Do I Get Paid For My Towed Scrap Car?

As the car is getting towed. Yes, that fast. Because the preliminary checks will have assessed the overall weight and condition of a vehicle, the compensation amount is made known upfront. Where the vehicle is not in your name, but on your property, there may need o to be further checks down the line to avoid unintended theft cases on the side of the company. As such, a slight payment delay may be incurred, but you will get compensated before you start getting worried. 

The Advantages Of Towing Old Cars Away

Only when property valuators come along, do most people realize how having a mini scrap yard devalues their properties. We all mean well and intend to retouch those classic rides we just can’t let go of, but their damage goes beyond just defacing your property. 

As previously hinted, just their presence means that old used oil, fuel, ash from the exhaust pipes, and even memory foam from interior upholstery falls and percolates into the ground. This toxifies the profile of your soil, making it very hard for greenery to grow on it in the future. At the very worst, innocent children can get exposed to these toxins, we won’t go into how bad that story can get.

Some advantages of towing away that piece of junk from your property include:

  • It is free,
  • You get paid,
  • Immediate increase in property value,
  • Removal of an accident hazard from your space.

Apart from the service being of no cost to you, you actually get more value out of the deal. First in the compensation made immediately, then more so on the improved value of the place from which the heap of metal was rolled away. What you do with the new space is up to you, but if the vehicle had been in one spot for more than a year, you may consider rehabilitating the topsoil or replacing it completely.