7 Reasons Why Scrapping Your Car is Good for the Environment

Although it leaves you with a hole that only a better car can fill, scrapping yours has some direct benefits to the environment. Companies that are in the business of turning od and sometimes new but totalled vehicles play an integral role in keeping the balance between what we take from the finite pool of resources from the planet, and what we reuse. If you’re thinking of recycling your car, there are seven reasons why you should feel good about the decision, and maybe even suggest the same to your friends and family. 

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1. Recycling Means Fewer Metals Will Be Mined

Picture a scenario where the demand for cars (SUVs in particular) worldwide continues to rise, a whole lot of old vehicles pile up in dumps with no one to care what happens next. That would mean more metals have to be extracted from the earth’s surface to sustain the hunger for big vehicles, right? Well, you don’t have to imagine the scene, it is already happening. Recycling those old cars releases the pressure to get more metal out of the earth, which saves a lot of land from being turned over, destroying millions of animals’ habitats (and sometimes them too) in the process.

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2. The Energy Savings You Make Are Huge

Did we mention how much energy is needed to carry out the process of metal extraction from the ground? Don’t guess, a detailed paper by CSIRO debunked that it would cost 200 Mega Joules to produce a kilogram of aluminum. Even more, if we’re to factor how much a car’s weight is attributed to just metals, that’s a lot of power in production only. If we already have the metal above the ground, no energy is dissipated in the extraction and purification process, which could help keep the lights in countries that import electricity.

3. Lesser Pollutants 

Old vehicles, when left to rot where they park, are somewhat of a visual pollutant. The fact that they actually devalue the property on which they lie means they should be moved elsewhere. To the crusher maybe. If we’re to keep the environment looking serene, we have to pluck those old rotting jalopies from sight and preferably recycle them for better use.

4. Make Way For The New

As we do away with the old vehicles, we usher in a stream of cars with better power consumption systems. Hybrid cars use lesser fossil fuel-based energy to move around, directly affecting how much oil fracking is needed to keep businesses alive. In the future, when more electric cars are on the roads than liquid fuel ones, the air should be more breathable. People wouldn’t have to worry about wearing masks when they leave the house, as would be the case if we hadn’t bumped into the idea of clean energy vehicles. Surely it would help if we didn’t have to mine all the metal to make such an environment a possibility.

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5. The Landfill Zero-Sum Game

When you recycle your car, a lot of the metal goes on to be converted into washing machines, toasters, and other devices we need. Some of the end results, especially those nonmetallic, are repurposed to cover open cast mine cavities from which more metals would have been siphoned. This eventually leaves mine sites in the same state as they were before the disruptive digging took place. Those once displaced animals eventually find refuge in such reclaimed landfills in due time.

6. Safer Disposal Of Toxic Materials

Statistics hold that with each passing year, vehicle recycling centers collect enough hazardous fluids from their subjects to save the planet from an equivalence of 8 Exxon Valdez Events. Given the damage perpetrated by just one which actually occurred, it’s safe to give the green light to the reclamation of used vehicles. Even in relatively minute amounts, an oil spill from your old car in your backyard posses a threat to the immediate environment, not to mention adventurous children. 

7. Helps Others In Need 

We’re all part of the environment, which is why when your recycled car’s otherwise usable tire rims are bought at a cheaper price compared to the brand new ones you would have impacted their lives positively. While for some, using old parts salvaged from recycled cars is a hobby, it is a matter of urgency that those parts be available for the smooth and economic continuation of others’ way of life.

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There are plenty of other indirect benefits to the environment that are derived from the decision and conscious act of recycling your car. As motivation, the hard cash you stand to reclaim from the transaction should be the last push for you to call in car removal and scrapping service providers to tow that car away for recycling.

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How Scrap Car Removal Companies Recycle a Car

If you’re a motor-head, the last place you need to pay a visit is the scrapyard that has a crusher and any other vehicle recycling equipment in operation. Call it what you want, but watching your cargo from that set of wheels that took you anywhere you wanted in a few turns of the wheel to a box of metal small enough to fit into a similar car can have a grown man in tears. Nonetheless, we’ll take you through the steps that scrap car removal companies take when recycling a car. For the sake of the light-hearted (hardcore car enthusiasts), we’ll save you the gore details. Or are we?

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Step 1. Collecting The Car

The part that won’t bring too many tears to your eyes is when your car is towed away. This can happen in two ways; you either get paid for the scrap and any salvageable parts, or you give it away willy-nilly since old cars turn into health hazards at some point. Either way, having decided that a towing car should haul your vehicle away is first and the first stage to the car recycling process. There are finer details to the process of towing the car, you can find out more about these in other discussions.

Step 2. Salvaging Usable Parts

Seldom will a car be totally unusable, even when involved in the kinds of accidents that ‘total’ it. A piece or two may still be in working order, to the end that someone might be on the hunt for them in the near future. Although used, these parts will add some usage time and mileage to vehicles still on the road. During the process of removing such items (windshields, rims, steering wheels, and such), the used oil and now rust-contaminated fule that the car may still have, are carefully drained and discarded in ways that will not damage the environment. It would be pointless if these were allowed to spill out in the next step.

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Step 3. Meet The Crusher

Now ready for the extraction of metal, the car is lifted either by heavy magnets or mechanical arms and inserted into the crusher. In simple terms, a crusher is what you get when a cavity holds the car in place as 2400 psi of pressure from all sides reduces the car into a cube of metal. The stuff of nightmares really. It is at this stage that the make and model (and how much you paid for it) of a car are of no importance anymore. 

The treatment that a rust bucket from a handful of decades ago gets from the crusher is the very same that last year’s Lamborghini will get. The merciless machine is just the start of a series of mechanical breakdowns that breathe new life into any unfortunate vehicle that lands into its mouth (that cavity from before).

Step 4. Cut ‘n’ Grind

In their now cubic form, the vehicles are placed onto a moving belt that feeds a shredder. Just the name should be too much detail into what this machine does. In conjunction with a cutter, the now lumps of used-to-be-cars are broken down into smaller pieces of metal. We’d swear one can hear the screams and cries as the metal rips apart and any other air pockets are removed from the scrap as they drown down the shredder’s neck. 

The output from this process is a finer serving of metal, from which it is near impossible to tell which part of the vehicle is which. Only some semblance colour remains to distinguish which vehicle is the source of a corresponding piece of metal.

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Heaps Of Metal

To separate the metal from the rubber and other materials (cloth, mats, and cushions), huge drums of magnet roll over the metal. This process ends the metal collection part, leaving heaps of valuable metals ready to be used again. On the other side of this mine of wealth is a lot of stuff that is often transported to decommissioned open cast mining sites to be used as landfill material. 

A lot of car removal companies are involved in this process to step 2, leaving more specialized plants to take on the more industrious steps that spue out metal for reuse. If it is any consolation, some of the metal recovered from this rather unsightly process goes back into the making of cars. Making it analogous to a rather brutal rebirth process, through which your sacrifice will give the owner of a new vehicle comparable joy and adventure. All worth it when you consider the number of natural habitats that would have otherwise been destroyed to get fresh metals to build cars.

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Scrapping vs Salvaging: What to do with Scrap Cars in Toronto

Like any other machine, cars have a lifespan, often leaving them unfit for further use on the road. What then becomes of a car when it graduates to a state that prefixes the word ‘scrap’? The two most taken routes at that stage are either salvaging the parts or scraping the metal for reuse elsewhere. Let’s look at both routes in detail, and maybe help you make the decision to go with one that gives you more peace of mind and stops you from leaving any money on the table

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Good Reasons To Scrap a Car In Toronto

Of the +200 active (registered) mines in Canada as a whole, it is imperative that we recycle some metals and leave a lighter carbon footprint as we try to quench our thirst for metals. The option to scrap a car can be one where you do not wish to get any financial gain for the metal that is the final product. If so, you will have saved a huge amount of energy and resources, otherwise, you do deserve some hard cash for the separation you opt into with your old trusted car companion. 

A quick visit to a car junkyard and you will appreciate how much of a health hazard old cars actually are. Not only do they bleed toxic fluids in the form of used oils, coolants and even battery acid, but they’re also presence is somewhat of pollution on its own. Getting rid of an old car through scrapping, during which all these liquids are safely extracted and disposed of, does the environment a huge favour. An oil spill, on land or in water, destroys a lot of natural life. When you start feeling the pinch every time you take the gar in for service, know that it’s a sign to start considering one of the two subjects we’re discussing here.

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Good Reasons To Salvage Old Cars in Toronto

To start with, the process of salvaging parts off an old, unusable vehicle does so much good to the pockets of other vehicle owners that will purchase the used parts at collective bargains. Not too good to hear if you’re in the business of selling crisp new car parts unless you look at it in the light that you could too sell the parts to a pool of more willing customers. If you’re at the end that’s letting go of a vehicle, getting the most money out means having the option to sell some stuff before giving the car off to scrap yards. This can be a tough task since people in need of the parts you’re selling are not easily going to find you.

To Scrap or To Salvage; The Numbers

With the two options exposed, it should be noted that even when you let go of your car the scrap route, and it has some parts in good shape, they are probably going to be salvaged anyway. The amount you’re paid by towing companies for the car as a whole will have factored this probable fact in. Unless your car is totally un-salvageable, oh well, let it go and save yourself the hard of keeping it on your property any longer than necessary. 

Let whoever you hire to tow the car away from the value you saw in the vehicle when negotiating a payout. This way you squeeze as much from the fun times you shared with the ride as possible. It is often more heartbreaking calculating the fun times, which in reality you can never put a monetary figure on. Nevertheless, you should get some money regardless of the route you pick. The difference is that you may get more from consciously scrapping the car. Meaning you have to know just what you’re getting into and what the other guys are getting after you give them the car. Open up with the towing (and scrapping) company for the best results.

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Scrap Car Collectors in Toronto

A quick Yelp search for “Scrap Car Collectors” will give you plenty of options as to which company to call in. However, most will either charge you for the towing service that is included in the act or not even discuss the fact that you should get something out of the exchange. Either way, you’re best looking into how the free-tow and extra income method works. This way, even as it hurts to watch your car move into a new life (through first dying – sorry), you have some paper to rub between your finger and thumb and a platform to start the man/woman-car relationship again. 

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Top 5 Car Towing Companies in Toronto

Often it comes with chance that you bump into a great service provider. Mostly because you don’t need their help but once every 4 or 5 years. This is the case with towing companies. Unless someone put a hex on you, there are slim chances that you’re repeatedly looking into which towing company to come to haul you to a vehicle service center. Nonetheless, you must get the best service possible when you call a towing company and you require help.

If you must call someone, these five companies should be among the top-rated towing service providers in Toronto, in no particular sorting criteria.

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Pk Towing Toronto

Although Yelp has fewer than 10 reviews, its reputation among those served is a perfect score. It says a lot when a company can maintain happy clientele, even if they are relatively new in the service industry. The fact that you get to see the attendant double-check all attachments before they drive off after having shown up before you’re bored of waiting is a sign that they will be a force to reckon with in the future.

Other services you can contact Pk Towing for, include the following;

Roadside Assistance

Should you find yourself in a breakdown, they vow to come and help you if the problem is minor, else they take you to a garage (or even to your home) of your choice.

Vehicle Recovery

Stuck in snow, mud, or an accident? They will come and recover your vehicle. Leaving you capable of continuing on your trip, or safely towing your car wherever you and the police agree to park it.

Cardinal Towing Toronto

A crucial trait that lands companies on this list are the ability to carry out tows that other companies may not have the technical experience to execute. Scouring through reviews from their past clients, you can detect how competent the team is. Couple that with the patience to educate the customer as you carry out a job that would happen faster if everyone just focused on their tasks, and you have a good towing company to work with.

AWIN Downtown Bodyshop

They offer more than just a towing service. In the event that your vehicle can be repaired, they can provide a quotation for the work and actually carry it out. If you check with online reviews on Yelp or anywhere else, although not perfect scores, there are more satisfied customers than those disgruntled. A mean feat for a company that juggles more than a handful of functions.

  • Collision repair
  • Vehicle body paint services
  • Frame straightening
  • Car washing
  • Hail damage repair services
  • Car rentals
  • Glass repair

Motorcycle Towing Toronto

Although it has a smaller frame, your motorcycle deserves just as much attention to detail and care as would any larger vehicle, if not more. Focusing solely on the towing away of smaller motor vehicles, bikes and quads, they have a clean reputation among their served clients thus far. A gallery of successfully completed tows alongside smiling faces of their owners should be enough social proof to call them in if ever you should require their assistance. The founder saw a glitch in the market, where it used to be more expensive to tow a motorcycle than it would cost to get it repaired. 

Towing And Scrap Car Removal

Offering what is perhaps the most interesting list of services on this list and at the lowest expense to the customer, Towing and Scrap Car Removal can pay you for the job they will have come to carry out. Yes, that’s right. A scrap car towing call can result in you walking off with some money after they compensate you for the wreckage. 

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Something to note, a difference in service level, is the fact that when the crew from Towing and Scrap Car Removal come, you need to be effectively selling the vehicle to them either because it is a write-off, or you decided to have it recycled. This way, you won’t actually need to worry about them charging you anything.

Should you ever find yourself in an accident situation where your vehicle is not suitable for road use anymore, the companies above have options you can explore. Towing charges are besides those covered by your vehicle insurance, which in any case you should have paid premiums. Even though you can find yourself thinking of getting your vehicle off an accident scene as quickly as possible, calling the police is more important than getting in touch with any of the towing companies suggested above.

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How to Get the Most Money Out of Your Scrap Car (in Toronto)

Accidents, like most life-changing events, come when we least expect and almost always leave the victims in shock. After experiencing one, it is often more important to think of the lives that were involved in the collision. However, the vehicles themselves were of some value. Although it may be hard to get compensated by your insurance company all the worth of the damaged car, you could try several ideas to get the most money back from what is now a scrap car.

The process is less strenuous if you had insurance to cover your vehicle and kept with the ritual of paying premiums when due. Without insurance (which is unlawful), driving around in your vehicle, or one borrowed is a risky activity that can have the police on your case. Be it as that may, it is only fair to exhaust both scenarios, revealing how best to squeeze the most value from the worst adversity.

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Options When You’re Covered By Insurance

In a euphoric world, an insurance company would right away replace the car with a new one in the event of total damage through an accident. This, as you may already have figured, is almost never the case. Most Insurance companies only cover your vehicle’s damage if the accident was not caused by circumstances that can be assumed to be intentional. 

A lot of grey area in insurance contracts leave clients with a lot of feelings unexpressed. Especially considering how a long used vehicle transcends value, emerging as almost being a family member in most households.

With that cleared out of the way we approach the situation, the very best action of the cost would be to have a willing purchaser (could be a recycling firm) assess the after-accident value of the vehicle. This way, you can claim the discord between that appraisal figure and the original monetary value before the damage. 

It is necessary to mention the term ‘monetary’ since to you the car has always increased in value as you grew to trust in it. In the books at the insurance firm, your car’s value is a set of numbers, and nothing more. Talk about this option with your insurer as a diminished value claim. 

After getting that value reimbursed, you can go ahead and sell the vehicle to willing buyers. Often this would mean paying towing fees from the damage assessment points at which the police leave it after the accident. You won’t have to do this if you were dealing with one of the many companies that tow and buy the car with no extra cost to you. With that appraisal figure still in your head, you can now get the remaining value from even the pile of metal left behind. If your car was of a new design, there may be some surprise value up-ticks as the usable parts from the junk can be salvaged and resold. 

You Get Into An Accident Without Insurance

Say you have borrowed the car, and you get into a pileup, even when it was totally not your fault. Firstly, the police will not look at your case with as much leniency as they would with someone insured. After proving indemnification, the owner of the vehicle would have to search for means to retain value as most insurance companies turn a blind eye to such scenarios. Expect a worse situation if all fingers point to you as being the cause of the accident and associated damage to third party property.

The most logical route would be to also have a private company assess the damage along with the final value of the vehicle. There is no option to appeal with any insurer, and so your best route is to work with either a damaged used car dealership to sell the car as-is or to have it towed with no further costs, allowing you to salvage the most of the current vehicle value. 

The dealership route means you have to tow the car to a secure location while they match you with a willing buyer. This not only costs you money but takes more time that the towing route. This defeats the purpose of trying to get the most from a bad situation. With free towing, you start saving from the get-go, then you also get a fair share of the salvageable parts from the mess, along with how much will be realized after the car is crushed and smelted into usable metals. 

It hurts realizing that once considered scrap, you can no longer share the bond that may have developed between you and your vehicle. Well at least with the hands-on advice provided above you can start afresh with closure.  

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Scrap Car Removal vs Selling Used Cars in Toronto

Scrap Car Removal vs Selling Used Cars in Toronto

To sell or to tow, that’s the question. It always seems best to go with an option that leaves you with the bigger bulge in your wallet. Let’s review both options and discover the advantages and backdrops to either end before going for one. 

To start with, let’s paint some scenarios. Perhaps the most prevalent times when one is standing at the to-sell or to-scrap crossroad is just after an accident and the vehicle is either too bad to drive, but someone just might buy it at a huge discount.

Another instance would be with a very old car that has been stagnant for almost it’s age. Making it un-roadworthy at best. Selling the vehicle requires a lot of resources advertising its availability. On the other hand, towing it away would seem to be a heartbreak in waiting. Watching someone else take that cherished ride away leaves an empty spot only enough money can fill.

Let’s look at the good sides of both options to be fair.

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How Scrap Car Removal Works

While you’d have lost that car, you benefit in the sense that a potential property liability has been lifted from your responsibility. With service providers that acknowledge the hard work, it takes to keep an old car running or even in a sightly state, at least you get compensated for the value that it currently holds.

You would not have to pay to have it moved away. While away, the value it still has is salvaged. This can come in the form of the recyclable metal frame of the car which goes into plenty of other industrial use areas. Along with that, some spares can be extracted and placed on sale for people still actively driving the same or compatible model vehicle elsewhere.

Selling As A Used Car

You’d have to put the car back on the market in order to get offers from potential buyers when going this route. Someone buying a used car would either intend to use it on the road after taking it through some service routines for restoration or eventually break it apart in order to sell valuable parts (back to the first option of towing). 

That said, depending on the value of your vehicle, which also has sub-dependencies such as the make and model of the car, you could have it taken at a whistle after rounds of negotiations. Classic vehicles, the unique (only a handful were made back in the 60s type cars) cars, are exempted from this fate. Be sure to have a few car enthusiasts evaluate yours before giving it away.

The Verdict

In both cases, you stand to get some money back. However, you’d need a classic car along with tubes of almost tangible patience to go the sale-as-a-used-car route. Scan used car directories and you’ll most likely meet relatively new vehicles that are lightly used on sale. If that’s what you have, then you just might get more this route than with scrapping. But again that depends on the towing company. New vehicles’ spare parts are rather costly compared to older versions. That should push offers up just as well.

The scrapping route is the shorter of the two. Not only is there less stress waiting for the car to be bought, but you might also as well get enough funds to at least start leasing a newer model of the one dragged away. Selling a car can be a dead end if it is not registered as yours, something that can be circumvented in the case of towing for scrap. 

Other indirect benefits of the towing option are knowing that since the vehicle was not functioning for lengths of time, chances that anyone can get harmed should anything decide to cease while the vehicle is in motion are nullified. Along with the fact that we need to recycle more materials originally mined from the earth’s crust, there are plenty of reasons why even when a car is barely unusable, we’d rather have it recycled.

The Exception: When to Sell Your Used Car

At times, even after getting a new car, we are displeased and just miss the old one. In this case, getting it towed away for scrapping would, by any viewing glass, be overreacting. Selling the vehicle after a few miles; which qualifies it as a previously owned, would return most of the investment put into taking it from the showroom or online dealerships. Unless an unfortunate mishap badly damaged the car and it was not covered by insurance, you could as well then go the scrap route after all.

Car Scrapping Services - How does it work in Toronto

Car Scrapping Services: How does it work? (in Toronto)

Unlike conventional vehicle towing services, car scrapping and towing combined means that you actually get cash for the vehicles occupying space on your property. These can be written off cars from nasty accidents, or simply cars you’re no longer using and need to get off your hands. The case would be less favourable in the case of calling vehicle towing companies; then you’d have to pay them to take the car to a dumping site. 

Vehicle Towing For Free

Because the scrap metal from your otherwise space-wasting, hazardous toxin dripping vehicle can be resold along with any salvageable parts, you fairly deserve to be compensated. Ordinarily, just the thought of getting your near scrap-metal only car towed from where it continually decays gives rise to the thought of a huge bill from whoever comes to haul it away. Thanks to a rising need to recycle metal (everything really), you can simply call someone and expect to get paid in addition to the added value on your property that was strung up by an unsightly jalopy.

Finding a Towing Company 

Because the market for scrap metal is hungry for more old cars to down the crushers, everyone and more people are opening companies to cash in. What this brings, apart from the convenience of the free towing industry, is a lot of chancers looking to swindle you of the cut you’re entitled to. Trust is the commodity that keeps the industry in motion. A quick search on Yelp for honest reviews of companies in the scrap car towing business, or simply look up “free towing”. This short research will open a can of worms for those who have anything to hide.

Social media is a good place to get only the best towing services providers near your location. A quick query with your friends and followers will have you equipped with some options to explore. 

How Long Will The Towing Take

The towing part is perhaps the least anxiety-inducing bit in your case since you won’t have to lift a finger getting the vehicle secured for transportation. Prior to that, some documentation will have to be filled out, again nothing of a hassle since they are mostly to ascertain vehicle ownership and getting your consent for the transaction. While the best in the industry will have someone on site to inspect the vehicle before towing in 24 hours from the time you place a call with them, allow for 48 hours. 

When Do I Get Paid For My Towed Scrap Car?

As the car is getting towed. Yes, that fast. Because the preliminary checks will have assessed the overall weight and condition of a vehicle, the compensation amount is made known up front. Where the vehicle is not in your name, but on your property, there may need o to be further checks down the line to avoid unintended theft cases on the side of the company. As such, a slight payment delay may be incurred, but you will get compensated before you start getting worried. 

The Advantages Of Towing Old Cars Away

Only when property valuators come along, do most people realize how having a mini scrap yard devalues their properties. We all mean well and intend to retouch those classic rides we just can’t let go, but their damage goes beyond just defacing your property. 

As previously hinted, just their presence means that old used oil, fuel, ash from the exhaust pipes, and even memory foam from interior upholstery falls and percolates into the ground. This toxifies the profile of your soil, making it very hard for greenery to grow on it in the future. At the very worst, innocent children can get exposed to these toxins, we won’t go into how bad that story can get.

Some advantages of towing away that piece of junk from your property include;

  • It is free,
  • You get paid,
  • Immediate increase in property value,
  • Removal of an accident hazard from your space.

Apart from the service being of no cost to you, you actually get more value out of the deal. First in the compensation made immediately, then more so on the improved value of the place from which the heap of metal was rolled away. What you do with the new space is up to you, but if the vehicle had been in one spot for more than a year, you may consider rehabilitating the topsoil or replacing it completely.