Scrapping vs Salvaging: What To Do With Scrap Cars In Toronto

Like any other machine, cars have a lifespan, often leaving them unfit for further use on the road. What then becomes of a car when it graduates to a state that prefixes the word ‘scrap’? The two most taken routes at that stage are either salvaging the parts or scraping the metal for reuse elsewhere. Let’s look at both routes in detail, and maybe help you make the decision to go with one that gives you more peace of mind and stops you from leaving any money on the table

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Good Reasons To Scrap a Car In Toronto

Of the +200 active (registered) mines in Canada as a whole, it is imperative that we recycle some metals and leave a lighter carbon footprint as we try to quench our thirst for metals. The option to scrap a car can be one where you do not wish to get any financial gain for the metal that is the final product. If so, you will have saved a huge amount of energy and resources, otherwise, you do deserve some hard cash for the separation you opt into with your old trusted car companion. 

A quick visit to a car junkyard and you will appreciate how much of a health hazard old cars actually are. Not only do they bleed toxic fluids in the form of used oils, coolants, and even battery acid, but they’re also presence is somewhat of pollution on its own. Getting rid of an old car through scrapping, during which all these liquids are safely extracted and disposed of, does the environment a huge favor. An oil spill, on land or in water, destroys a lot of natural life. When you start feeling the pinch every time you take the gar in for service, know that it’s a sign to start considering one of the two subjects we’re discussing here.

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Good Reasons To Salvage Old Cars in Toronto

To start with, the process of salvaging parts off an old, unusable vehicle does so much good to the pockets of other vehicle owners that will purchase the used parts at collective bargains. Not too good to hear if you’re in the business of selling crisp new car parts unless you look at it in the light that you could too sell the parts to a pool of more willing customers. If you’re at the end that’s letting go of a vehicle, getting the most money out means having the option to sell some stuff before giving the car off to scrap yards. This can be a tough task since people in need of the parts you’re selling are not easily going to find you.

To Scrap or To Salvage; The Numbers

With the two options exposed, it should be noted that even when you let go of your car the scrap route, and it has some parts in good shape, they are probably going to be salvaged anyway. The amount you’re paid by towing companies for the car as a whole will have factored this probable fact in. Unless your car is totally un-salvageable, oh well, let it go and save yourself the hard of keeping it on your property any longer than necessary. 

Let whoever you hire tow the car away from the value you saw in the vehicle when negotiating a payout. This way you squeeze as much from the fun times you shared with the ride as possible. It is often more heartbreaking calculating the fun times, which in reality you can never put a monetary figure on. Nevertheless, you should get some money regardless of the route you pick. The difference is that you may get more from consciously scrapping the car. Meaning you have to know just what you’re getting into and what the other guys are getting after you give them the car. Open up with the towing (and scrapping) company for the best results.

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Scrap Car Collectors in Toronto

A quick Yelp search for “Scrap Car Collectors” will give you plenty of options as to which company to call in. However, most will either charge you for the towing service that is included in the act or not even discuss the fact that you should get something out of the exchange. Either way, you’re best looking into how the free-tow and extra income method works. This way, even as it hurts to watch your car move into a new life (through first dying – sorry), you have some paper to rub between your finger and thumb and a platform to start the man/woman-car relationship again. 

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