Car Restoration Vs Scrap Car Removal (in Toronto)

You’ll never think of scrap car removal if you’ve got that old car that needs to be resurrected for your daughter’s sweet 16. Or perhaps you are just tired of seeing it sitting in the garage. Then, you’re most likely going to be thinking of getting a car restoration service.

On the other hand, you can also get a scrap car removal which means you’re going to get your old car picked up to be used for scraps in exchange for some money. Which is best? The answer lies in just how much the pros outweigh the cons of each option. Right?

Car restoration, especially in Toronto, involves turning that old classic car into a beautiful car that will look as good as new. If you’re going to embark on this journey though, ensure you have the money, time, and energy to see it through. It is not a simple process but in the end, you can cruise around in a car made much more valuable and eye-catching. 

Meanwhile, scrap car removal has to do with scrapping and recycling a car that has reached the end of its life. This is a great option if your car is basically dead and the cost of maintenance has become much higher than necessary. However, not to conclude just yet, let’s look at the pros and cons of both options before deciding which is best.

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Car Restoration

Whether you need to spice up your life with a stylish new car or simply cannot let go of your old car, car restoration might just be your saving grace.


1. You know the process: 

Getting your car restored offers you the opportunity to see it transformed into a perfectly working beauty. Unlike buying a used car off the market, you know each and every part of the car and will not be hit by sudden engine failures or other mechanical problems, not to talk of the paint condition. 

A restored car will have nothing to hide from you especially if you choose to go the DIY route and restore it yourself. This is advisable only if you have some experience working with cars as it will save a whole lot of costs doing it yourself than hiring someone to do it. However, if you know basically nothing about repairing cars then you should leave it to a professional to get your car back in shape and ready for the world to see.

2. Step by step restoration: 

You can choose to get the restoration done incrementally instead of all at once thus enjoying each step of the process.

3. Personalization: 

Of course, one of the greatest benefits of car restoration is that you get to choose exactly what you want the restored car to look like, that’s right, your dream car.


1. Car Restoration Cost More Than Recycling: 

Car restoration and spending money go hand in hand. It is not a project to undertake if you’re going to have to break the bank for it. While restoring your car will amp up its value by far, you must weigh the profit involved if you plan to sell the restored car. However, it has been shown that more often than not, restoration costs will be much higher than the final value of the car. These costs also depend on how much work needs to be done on the car so first of all consider the condition of the car.

2. Time: 

Bear in mind that it can take up to 1000 hours to get the car fully restored so no need to be in a haste.

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Scrap Car Removal

Some cars simply have no hope of life and are a constant disappointment. In such cases, consider a scrap car removal service.


1. Immediate Cash Exchanged For Your Car: 

Most scrap car removal services in Toronto offer cash on the spot when your car is picked up for scrapping. Plus, you may not need to drop off the car, it can be hauled right from your home. However, you should confirm with the towing company whether pick-up costs are deducted from the cash you will be paid for your car. Generally, you will get a good amount of money from this.

2. Safe Way To Dispose of Junk: 

An old car sitting in the garage does you no good. It may be better to dispose of it and get it recycled in an environmentally friendly way.


1. Letting go Hurts: 

No matter how old a car is, it may still be of some sentimental value to you, and letting it go for scrapping may not be as easy as it sounds.

2. Pick up Costs: 

Depending on the company, you may need to pay for your car to be picked up or the cost will be deducted from the cash to be paid for your car.

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All in all, from the above you can make a decision as to which option to go for, keeping in mind the state of your car. 

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